We are a design studio out of Karlsruhe that helps you to transform your company into a lovable brand by creating emotionally attractive brand experiences your customers will fall in love with.

We believe that every business should have the possibility to connect with it‘s audience on an emotional level. We help you in doing that with the power of good design. We are UNDESIGNED, a boutique design studio crafting bespoke brand experiences for brave people.

Why another design studio, you might ask? Well, within the last few months the demand to fulfill our vision of a cohesive, design driven studio working at the intersection of digital and print design got louder. Furthermore we wanted to keep digital design as the focus at Dorfjungs. to fulfill our aspiration to create next level digital shit and push digital experiences forward.

UNDESIGNED was born as the boutique and branding unit of Dorfjungs. targeted to businesses and companies in need of a cohesive brand identity across all touchpoints.

We are driven by great design, our passion to create outstanding work, curiosity and excitement. Always surprising. Always brave. Always challenging the status quo.

Let’s become a part of our story. Let’s create emotionally attracting brand experiences together. Let’s make the world a better place with the power of great design. Well, at least make it a bit more beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

What we do

We use our knowledge in branding, corporate design, print- and digital design and the digital experience of Dorfjungs. to create emotionally attracting brand experiences across all touchpoints.

Every project starts with deep strategic groundwork which lays the basis for the following design. Depending on that we decide which touchpoint we need to design for and which deliverables make sense to transform your company into a loveable brand.

Our goal is that the feeling your brand evokes is experiencable across every interaction your customer has with your brand, thus we don't design different products – we design cohesive brand experiences.

But google likes buzzwords, right?
Take that. And if you don't find a keyword you looked for just add it ;) We probably can help you with that, too.
Brand Strategy
Market Research
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Corporate Design
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Brand Stationary
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Print Design
Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Poster Design
Finishing Concepts
Business Cards
Digital Design – Together with Dorfjungs.
Digital Strategy
Digital Brand Experiences
Digital Storytelling
Brand Plattforms
Interactive Design
Motion Design
Digital Campaigns
You might ask if we're the right fit for you?
Well, you read the whole page till here. So probably you already can't get enough of us and want to work together. So don't waste more time and get in contact :) 

Convinced now? We are excited about your project!

Let’s work together and
transform your company
into a lovable brand.